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school’s out!

well.. kinda. since preschool special ed kids would probably regress in their skills during a long vacation, unfortunately they go to school for a 12 month program. better for them, not so great for teachers. ahh wellz.. i figure i’d probably be spending money and eating more with less to do in the summer if i wasn’t working.

anyways, mr.KOm and i have been going to northshore animal league every weekend for the past 2-3 months now to look for a new puppy to keep minnie company. we both decided that after seeing all those homeless pups who need luvvin we can’t possibly pay money for a dog at a petshop. been diligently searching for the perfect “mo” for our “minnie” (innie, MINNIE, miney, MO… get it?) having a harder time than expected!

mo the pitbull?

mo the boxer?

mo the english bulldog?

mo the goldendoodle?

where u at?


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