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My parents have finally made THIER big move into our previous home in Bayside. My brother’s away on a missions trip to Mexico (praise God!) during the move so I went over to help out with putting his new room (the whole basement!)  together while he’s gone. I thought he’d appreciate coming home from his trip to an organized room.

Some of my findings while unpacking his things were just unnerving. Just as I am my mother’s daughter, he is DEFINITELY just another product of her OCD tendencies..  Yes, I blame my mother for both our psychoses.

his collection of 4 computer mice. 4 of which he DOES NOT USE.
8 incomplete decks of cards. why?
collection of receipts from items purchased 6 months ago, movie ticket stubs and other crazy things that really have no business being saved
these are only half the amount of pens he has in his collection

this boy needs help. so do i. so does mom.

oh boy.


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I heart memories

Call me a hoarder. I still have birthday cards from fourth grade. Yes, it is THAT bad. I just can’t get myself to part ways with some of the cards and letters I’ve gotten in the past from the most important people in my life… sometimes even the not so important people in my life…. so what??

If I wasn’t such a freak, I wouldn’t have all the priceless memories to look back on.

Some memorable responses to our wedding invitation:


from Bori when she was away in Denmark


Beautiful artwork by my MOH


the ever so hilarious Hahn brother


had a tough time understanding this one.. but that's just yeba. heh ❤


words of wisdom from mr. KOm's roommate at the time


sweet and simple ❤


from the one who insists that he is the "glue" that bonds the friendships of a group of college friends. we usually just let him believe it..


lovely drawing of chris walking down northern blvd with a lamp that I once picked out for his then new apartment. he said he'd give it to us as a wedding present... he lied.


text: I would appreciate it if you could seat me next to pretty femails I don't know. Preferably marriage potential ones. (My date for the wedding fell though) Thanks! DC


from the colorful works of SPak~*


this particular gentleman was NOT invited to the bachelor party.


one of my favortes from one of my favorites.


surprisingly the only one of 2 people who didn't write their name on the response (look below)


one, he thought he'd be the only Mr. Kim at a korean wedding. and two, he wrote that he's bringing 2 guests!!!? WHO ARE YOU!? 2 years later, I still don't know.


what a work of art by EL!!

I rest my case. hoarder or not, I am convinced that memories like these are utterly worth the clutter (even worth all the complaints from Mr. KOm)

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