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We’ve recently established that it is now Mr. KOm’s job to brush Minnie’s teeth every few days. He often needs reminders. And when I say often, I actually mean always. He has done it once since we’ve moved in 2 weeks ago. Just thought he might appreciate a little reminder today…


Now I can really say that I use post-its for just about EVERYTHING. Let’s see if it remains stuck on her until Mr. KOm gets home. If so… Well then THAT’S versatile alright. Stay tuned!!!


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we took a stroll through the city today with Minnie. Minnie must have produced more than 100 smiles through the city of new york in a span of about 2 hours! it’s amazing how the simple sight of a dog can make peoples’ faces light up with a smile. she really doesn’t even have to be doing anything at all.. we were waiting outside for about 10 minutes for Mr. KOm to get something from the supermarket, some cooed, some ahhed, and every passerby stared intently at the little creature with a smile plastered across their face.

i saw the most sensitive side of new york today. the most random people would stop us on the street and on the subway dying to know more about Minnie.

what kind of dog is she? how old is she? does she poop on your stuff?

how easy is it to open people up to be vulnerable and sensitive? all you really have to do is stick a dog under your arm and people will be dying to know more, see more, ask more… how wonderful would it be if people reacted in the SAME EXACT way to a bible tucked under my arm or a cross on my neck?

God showed me today that even the angriest of new yorkers have the capacity to be vulnerable to complete strangers and buckle in weakness at the simple sight of a furry animal. How much more powerful would God work in the lives of these exact people once they know that they are loved by the almighty Creator? wowzers.

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school’s out!

well.. kinda. since preschool special ed kids would probably regress in their skills during a long vacation, unfortunately they go to school for a 12 month program. better for them, not so great for teachers. ahh wellz.. i figure i’d probably be spending money and eating more with less to do in the summer if i wasn’t working.

anyways, mr.KOm and i have been going to northshore animal league every weekend for the past 2-3 months now to look for a new puppy to keep minnie company. we both decided that after seeing all those homeless pups who need luvvin we can’t possibly pay money for a dog at a petshop. been diligently searching for the perfect “mo” for our “minnie” (innie, MINNIE, miney, MO… get it?) having a harder time than expected!

mo the pitbull?

mo the boxer?

mo the english bulldog?

mo the goldendoodle?

where u at?

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