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We took on a new project last weekend to prepare for our move to the city. ( WE ARE MOVING TO THE CITY!! )

When we first bought our current home, the previous owners left behind a dresser in the garage. It was covered in spiderwebs and dust, and the hideous green paint was chipping.


We sanded it down a bit, graced with a fresh coat of paint…



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During Reader’s Workshop each day in school, my 3rd graders choose a “book nook” around the room to get comfortable during silent sustained reading time. This is just a way that I try to get kids excited for reading and develop a love for books. I’d love my own children to live a reading life and I’m always looking at cool library ideas and book displays. This is definitely one of my favs!

how awesome is that?! not only can it serve as a reading spot, it can also be a prayer nook. A quiet place where he/she can go to pray and spend time with God. Who wouldn’t love that? I definitely need one for myself..

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umm… how freaking cool are these diy ideas?!?!?!?! AHHHHH!

Coffee table one, Coffee table two.

headboard one, headboard two

bed one, bed two

plate rack

plank wall

plank garden

all that from just this…

i love that something so beautiful and useful can be created from such ordinary objects. all you really need is a vision, a little bit of love, and a little bit (?) of effort.

..sorry mr. KOm… it looks like we’ll be having quite the busy spring….. 🙂

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