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“Jadelyn, aren’t you eating lunch today?”
“No, I don’t like school lunch. It makes me go number 3.”

“….number three? What do you mean number THREE?”
“I don’t want to explain it. I’ll write it down for you on paper though”

“I think I get the idea.”


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During Reader’s Workshop each day in school, my 3rd graders choose a “book nook” around the room to get comfortable during silent sustained reading time. This is just a way that I try to get kids excited for reading and develop a love for books. I’d love my own children to live a reading life and I’m always looking at cool library ideas and book displays. This is definitely one of my favs!

how awesome is that?! not only can it serve as a reading spot, it can also be a prayer nook. A quiet place where he/she can go to pray and spend time with God. Who wouldn’t love that? I definitely need one for myself..

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so who knew public school kids in Harlem didn’t know what a shamrock is? well, I guess I should have figured….. *shrug

well isn’t this cool nonetheless!?

that photo inspired me to make green pancakes for st. patty’s day with the kiddies at school.. they were saying it reminded them of Shrek

well yeah, I think I’d have to agree. heh.

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a new chapter

so much has happened since i last posted! i am now one of the newest teachers at P.S.180 in harlem. i started off my relationship with my third graders amazed at how sweet, cute, and enthusiastic they were. the start of the year was refreshing. it’s already been 2 months now and their true colors are radiating… and boyyy are theyyy bright. and ugly. through their disobedience, their selfishness, their weaknesses, i am able to see them for the broken little 8 year olds they really are. strangely, i have to constantly remind myself that they are 8 year olds. i have to constantly remind myself not to push them too hard and not to have unrealistic expectations of them. i also have to remind myself of what families they come from; single parent homes, foster homes, step parents, divorce, hunger, poverty, nonsupport, and the list goes on and on and on.

my goal as a teacher is for these kids to be able to see the love and tenderness of Christ through me that are lacking in their homes… but how? that’s the question.


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