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had my rainboots on all day through the city just in time for the sunshine. foolio.


during the last few weeks, i vowed to take advantage of my free time + my life in the city to explore my surroundings.

first stop, central park with minnie & The Kiterunner (albeit, only 20 minutes..) then, chelsea container store.. then, upper east container store.. then, the MET (mcqueen 2.5 hr wait avoided thanks to bori&jouna), Nobu…..and container store again.

next, the financial district/ground zero


view of some of the construction at ground zero


firefighters of 9/11 sought refuge and rest at st. paul's chapel

went to the 9/11 memorial and stopped by St. Paul’s Chapel. Was brought to tears reading and being reminded of the horrendous event that occured 10 years ago. I sat in the Chapel and began to pray to God for those people who have died on that day and for their loved ones whose lives had been changed forever… but didn’t know what to pray for. looked up and saw:


He said to pray for peace.


grabbed some lunch with the beautiful jennipur and got to see a bit of her world at work. God is so good in his provisions 🙂 🙂

we said goodbye and i continued my self guided tour of our city’s financial district. ever get lost and not care? it’s great feeling. would have been better if i wasn’t wearing my rainboots. i blame Mr.KOm, aka Mr.ALWAYSNEEDTOBEPREPARED who insisted it will continue to rain throughout the day irregardless of weather reports that only said 30% chance.

walked down to battery park and swooped back up and found myself at south street seaport….


… just in time for my tired feet finally telling me that they’ve had enough. sorry south street seaport, maybe next time.

i ❤ nyc


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Spent this windy Saturday in the city flea market hopping. Also stopped by the flower district to pick up some greens for our home. It was colder than I would have liked but had a great time with Mr. KOm and Minn-dawg. She was definitely a big hit with the city dwellers. Couldn’t walk two steps without someone commenting on her and cooing and ahhing. Told Mr. KOm it’s a great way to pick up chicks. Too bad he’s already got one. Heh. Heh.

Took some great pics today. Wish I had brought our SLR. Boo hooooo. Next time I guess!




This was my fav stand..

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