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the KO church had it’s first service today at riverside park. 3 members, david, dolly, and minnie ko were in attendance. praise and worship was led by debuting praise leader, dolly ko; the Lord’s  message was delivered by pastor david ko; refreshments were provided by acrossthestreetfromthepark deli.

❤ God is sooooooooooo good!


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I heart God’s Day

hurricane Irene is headed straight to New York. she’s due in our area by 8am Sunday morning. service at NVCC was cancelled because the building will be used as a shelter if need be, so we decided it would be a good chance for us to check out some other churches in the city.

it’s really frightening to know that all those people who WOULD have been in service, have no physical church to go to worship. that just means it’s all up to the individual to choose whether or not to worship on their own on Sunday. let’s just hope this is not a ploy from the enemy to catch us new yorkers at our weakest and to use this for his advantage.

WE are the church. just because our Sunday service has been taken away from us does not mean that it’s not God’s day.

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