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Seen and heard in NYC

First snowfall of the season:

5 year old boy with dinosaur snowboots: “mommy! I want to make a snow angel!”

Mom looks at dirt trodden snow along the streets of the city.

Mom: “….not here, honey.”


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the KO church had it’s first service today at riverside park. 3 members, david, dolly, and minnie ko were in attendance. praise and worship was led by debuting praise leader, dolly ko; the Lord’sĀ  message was delivered by pastor david ko; refreshments were provided by acrossthestreetfromthepark deli.

ā¤ God is sooooooooooo good!

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I heart God’s Day

hurricane Irene is headed straight to New York. she’s due in our area by 8am Sunday morning. service at NVCC was cancelled because the building will be used as a shelter if need be, so we decided it would be a good chance for us to check out some other churches in the city.

it’s really frightening to know that all those people who WOULD have been in service, have no physical church to go to worship. that just means it’s all up to the individual to choose whether or not to worship on their own on Sunday. let’s just hope this is not a ploy from the enemy to catch us new yorkers at our weakest and to use this for his advantage.

WE are the church. just because our Sunday service has been taken away from us does not mean that it’s not God’s day.

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had my rainboots on all day through the city just in time for the sunshine. foolio.


during the last few weeks, i vowed to take advantage of my free time + my life in the city to explore my surroundings.

first stop, central park with minnie & The Kiterunner (albeit, only 20 minutes..) then, chelsea container store.. then, upper east container store.. then, the MET (mcqueen 2.5 hr wait avoided thanks to bori&jouna), Nobu…..and container store again.

next, the financial district/ground zero


view of some of the construction at ground zero


firefighters of 9/11 sought refuge and rest at st. paul's chapel

went to the 9/11 memorial and stopped by St. Paul’s Chapel. Was brought to tears reading and being reminded of the horrendous event that occured 10 years ago. I sat in the Chapel and began to pray to God for those people who have died on that day and for their loved ones whose lives had been changed forever… but didn’t know what to pray for. looked up and saw:


He said to pray for peace.


grabbed some lunch with the beautiful jennipur and got to see a bit of her world at work. God is so good in his provisions šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

we said goodbye and i continued my self guided tour of our city’s financial district. ever get lost and not care? it’s great feeling. would have been better if i wasn’t wearing my rainboots. i blame Mr.KOm, aka Mr.ALWAYSNEEDTOBEPREPARED who insisted it will continue to rain throughout the day irregardless of weather reports that only said 30% chance.

walked down to battery park and swooped back up and found myself at south street seaport….


… just in time for my tired feet finally telling me that they’ve had enough. sorry south street seaport, maybe next time.

i ā¤ nyc

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took a drive down to the ikea in red hook, brooklyn today. it was a lot less complicated to get there and i was pleasantly surprised to see how much bigger the place is compared to the one in long island! i fell in love immediately! sorry hicksville, it looks like BK’s got my heart.

the showrooms were hipper, the space was vaster.. and even the food was better.



umm they've got LOBSTER. seriously!?!?


something else i've never seen before at ikea. yummmm..


does the amazing view come with the curtains?


just couldn't resist...


so good! šŸ˜€


took the scenic route back home.. i love you, NYC!


the ever so stunning brooklyn bridge. oh, how i've missed you so.

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we took a stroll through the city today with Minnie. Minnie must have produced more than 100 smiles through the city of new york in a span of about 2 hours! it’s amazing how the simple sight of a dog can make peoples’ faces light up with a smile. she really doesn’t even have to be doing anything at all.. we were waiting outside for about 10 minutes for Mr. KOm to get something from the supermarket, some cooed, some ahhed, and every passerby stared intently at the little creature with a smile plastered across their face.

i saw the most sensitive side of new york today. the most random people would stop us on the street and on the subway dying to know more about Minnie.

what kind of dog is she? how old is she? does she poop on your stuff?

how easy is it to open people up to be vulnerable and sensitive? all you really have to do is stick a dog under your arm and people will be dying to know more, see more, ask more… how wonderful would it be if people reacted in the SAME EXACT way to a bible tucked under my arm or a cross on my neck?

God showed me today that even the angriest of new yorkers have the capacity to be vulnerable to complete strangers and buckle in weakness at the simple sight of a furry animal. How much more powerful would God work in the lives of these exact people once they know that they are loved by the almighty Creator? wowzers.

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Mr. KOm and I made a trip to 2 of BK’s flea markets today. Loved Thr sights of all the lovely things and all the lovely people. Will definitely be making more trips on over after our big move.

Some highlights of the trip:


some cool vintage-y frames


artwork of the brooklyn bridge on some driftwood. we bought this piece to put in our apartment to remind us of how Mr. KOm proposed! love that it’s printed on a piece of wood.. the photo definitely does not do it justice.


how cute?! everyone seemed to have a bike with a little basket in BK. i want!!


thought these were pretty cool but a bit pricey.. maybe next time.


the vendor told me “no pictures, please” immediately after i took this photo. sorry dude.


love it.


the above accent table was probably one of my favorite pieces in the whole place. can’t see from the photo, but it looks somewhat like this:

LOVE!!! it was selling for about 300 beans but similar items online are sold at places like anthropologie for 600. maybe, just maybe when we get all our stuff settled in we can go back and track it down……

heehee. here’s to hoping!

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