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dear God…


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Mr. KOm thought it would be a brilliant idea to babysit the Cho kids (ages 3,4, and 6) while their parents, our beloved mentor couple celebrate their wedding anniversary. What started out to be a great idea soon became an impending reality. Our decision to babysit for 3 days at the end of our week off of work somehow turned into 3 days smack in the middle of our weekday. In other words… It would take up the bulk of our days off with little time to prepare ourselves nor down time to recuperate.

Some memorable quotes from the cuties:
Karis: my teeth are ready to fight you.
Eva: I was playing with the handsome boy. He’s so handsome, I wanna marry him
Joshua: when are u going to have babies, dolly?
Karis: is your belly full of babies, dolly?

I must say.. I don’t think I would have spent break any other way. They are such precious children.. Each one is so spunky and unique in their own way. Definitely looking forward to the day when we will be ready for a family so we can meet our own little ones. What will their personalities be like??

Through this experience, I was also able to see just how much God love his little children. Not only that, I started to feel so protective over them that I couldn’t bear to not pray for them each night before we all went to sleep. The thought of bad dreams invading their precious minds throughout the night broke my heart. I was able to taste a small slice of the love pie that God feels for each of his children, including me. Thank you Lord for your unending love!!


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For the first time in my life, I actually forgot to put on my eye makeup this morning. The minute my third graders see me this morning, they have a debate on how I look “weird” today. I guess they couldnkt quite put a finger on what exactly was different about me this morning.

“Mrs. Ko, you have bags under your eyes. They’re like really dark.”

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