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eyes of the heart

LASIK = success!!

results are simply amazing.. what were we waiting for?

we woke up super duper early and got on the LIRR to start our journey to clear vision. when we got on the subway platform, a man was singing a praise song on his guitar! I remember thinking to myself “wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard someone sing praise music on the subway.”  During my earlier walks with God, He used to speak to me often through praise. I’d wake up and go to sleep with praise songs stuck in my head. Loved. it.

Well the song was stuck the whole way to the doctor’s office. As I sang the song over and over to myself, I realized the song that the man was singing in the subway had been “Open the eyes of my heart”. Get it?!?! EYES?? wow God!!

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You
I want to see You

To see You high and lifted up
Shinin’ in the light of Your glory
Pour out Your power and love
As we sing holy, holy, holy


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New Vision


^ the above is what mr.KOm and I will be saying goodbye to tomorrow. the long awaited day of our LASIK procedure is finally here! his insurance covers much of the costs for the procedure so we are very excited to finally rid ourselves of our glasses.. which we had to wear 21 days prior to the procedure. 21 days of torture!!!!

as we both prepare for this big and scary day to arrive, we realize just how interesting and fitting it is that it’s happening the day after Easter, the most important holiday in our Chrisitan lives. The time of lent had always been very special to us both because that was the precise time when God had opened both our eyes to see each other differently while we were encouraging each other during our time of fasting for the Lord. I just love how God had timed it so perfectly so that during this time of fasting, though I have to admit most of it was done half-halfheartedly, we were forced to abandon our contact lenses, something we relied on so heavily in our every day life, so that we can view the world differently than we had with them.

for the last 20 days, my glasses made the world look fuzzy, distorted, blurry, and I even felt shorter and less confident in myself. everything I saw lacked clarity. i felt like i was a lesser person without them. they acted as a barrier between myself and the world around me. a greater sense of humility was born out of this very experience. I’d like to believe that God places various forms of symbolism in our lives for a reason. There are so many things I’ve come to see in the last few weeks and they happen to be at a time when I felt most vulnerable visually (visually vulnerable? does that even make sense??) God is continually shaping and reshaping my views on the things around me and I can’t wait to see how much more he’ll show me in the coming future.

LASIK will give us better eyes to see our world, but I pray that God will give us eyes to clearly view His world. I remember a time when I used to see God EVERYWHERE. For instance, I found a pen one day when I needed one but realized it didn’t have a cap to it. I just put it in my bag in case I’ll need it later. Several days later, I sat in someone’s car and on the floor of the car was a cap that fit the very pen that I had found earlier. My IMMEDIATE thought was ‘WOWWWWWWW THAT IS DEFINITELY GOD RIGHT THERE!!!!” silly as it might sound, I always got excited when little things like that worked out because these small and seemingly insignificant instances were when I had proof that God is orchestrating each and every moment of my life. “Thanks God for providing me with a pen cap for the pen I found 2 days ago” come on now, what are the chances that I’ll find a pen without a cap in one place, then find a cap without a pen in another place?!?! gosh.

but I digress.

so I really miss that way of thinking. I really do consider that a blessing to be able to see God in every single thing that happens. I want to be that person to thank God for every little great thing that happens in my life, and to pray through all the littlest difficulties in my life. When I find the perfect parking spot in front of work, I want to immediately know to thank God for it. If my students do well on a test or do well in class, I want to be able to thank God for it. If I stub my toe or have a pain in my back, I want to think of God first and pray for healing. why not??

As we go in tomorrow expecting perfect vision, I pray for perfect kingdom vision as well. I pray that we’ll be able to see the world not only through our new human eyes, but new spiritual eyes; eyes that will see what the Lord sees and  eyes that clearly views the world the way God intended us to.

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