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I heart….

– sleeping on sheets fresh out of the laundry

– starting a good book

– the cold side of the pillow

– seeing minnie yawn

– waking up to realize i have more time to sleep

– a cool shower after a long, hot, and sticky day

– someone telling me a secret. just me.

– the first step after taking off high heels at the end of the day

– instant friendships

– waking up and remembering a vivid dream

– not wearing eye makeup and being able to rub my eyes


life. is. good.


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Life’s simplest pleasures:

– seeing the subway arrive just as you step foot onto the platform
– right turns on red
– teeny tiny converse sneakers
– a husband’s skin after a clean shave
– the sweet scent of a baby’s head
– Saturday mornings
– the first bite of a big mac
– reading old journal/diary entries
– splashing through puddles in rainboots
– soulfood
– the first sip of your morning coffee
– an unexpected bouquet of flowers
– getting between the sheets after shaving your legs ( though rarely experienced firsthand ;X )
– a string of green lights as you cruise down Broadway
– answered prayers
– getting hooked on a good book
– finding money on the street
– staying up to see the sun rise
– filling each cell of your waffles with syrup
– sweet and salty combinations

And yes, these are just a few of my favorite things. God tries to sweep us off our feet by romancing us with all things lovely and all things perfect. The beauties of this world are love songs written for us, from the Almighty. Thank you Lord for all of your creations of love for us.

Today is the first day of the Lenten season. This is the very season when God’s hand had so powerfully drawn me to Dave and him to me. I often forget just how amazing our story is.. But thank you Lord for your gentle nudge. This year, I pray to come back into the fullness of Your presence. I pray for bigger and better movement into Your kingdom!


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