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mr. KOm and I just came back from an amazing trip to Paris, France. Strolling through the Louvre made me think of a project I did with my kiddies in preschool last year for graduation. This “little” project turned out to be a lot more work than anticipated. I had the kids view several paintings by famous artists, like Van Gogh, Monet, etc.. A few of which I did see in Paris. They then used their own imagination to paint their own interpretation of the works of art.

In the style of Piet Mondrian:

et voila!

In the style of Claude Monet:

Et Voila!

In the style of Josef Albers:

Et Voila!

And my absolute favorite were the self portraits in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci

Et Voila!

I also had them do random drawings and stuck them on the ceiling of the classroom as our very own Sistine Chapel. Too bad I failed to catch a photo of it. Maybe I’ll try it again with my 3rd graders! I’m sure they’re bound to yield interpretations that are a bit more.. ahem… accurate.


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