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One of my precious third graders lost his mother last night.

He noticed his mother “snoring” in her sleep but it didn’t sound quite right. He called over his father to check up on her and the next thing he knows, his father is doing CPR. “but it was too late.” his father told the 8 year old to call 911 and soon the firemen and police came. “it was too late. She died.”

When Seth’s parents came in for parent teacher conference, I noted not only the they were older than most parents of a 3rd grader, they also both towered over Seth, making him look teeny tiny next to them. When discussing the behavior issues I’ve experienced with him at school, his mother scolded him in a stern but gentle manner, as if anything harsher might break him. it was obvious to me that they both cherished Seth. He was their prized possession, the only baby of the family.

As I think about what Seth just experienced last night, I wonder just how big and strong both his parents really looked to him last night. He saw his mother helpless on the ground and saw his father break down and cry in front of him. Meanwhile, Seth came to school at the normal time and went through the normal day with little to no disruptions. I pulled him aside to have a talk with him to see if there was anything I can do. He told his story as if he was reading it from a storybook. He then tells me that he was trying to be good all morning. I assured him that his behavior was excellent today. Whenever I asked him how he’s doing today, he would just say that he’s trying to be strong.. As if that’s what he’s supposed to be saying.

But why does he have to be so strong? He’s only 8.


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