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so who knew public school kids in Harlem didn’t know what a shamrock is? well, I guess I should have figured….. *shrug

well isn’t this cool nonetheless!?

that photo inspired me to make green pancakes for st. patty’s day with the kiddies at school.. they were saying it reminded them of Shrek

well yeah, I think I’d have to agree. heh.


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mr. KOm and I just came back from an amazing trip to Paris, France. Strolling through the Louvre made me think of a project I did with my kiddies in preschool last year for graduation. This “little” project turned out to be a lot more work than anticipated. I had the kids view several paintings by famous artists, like Van Gogh, Monet, etc.. A few of which I did see in Paris. They then used their own imagination to paint their own interpretation of the works of art.

In the style of Piet Mondrian:

et voila!

In the style of Claude Monet:

Et Voila!

In the style of Josef Albers:

Et Voila!

And my absolute favorite were the self portraits in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci

Et Voila!

I also had them do random drawings and stuck them on the ceiling of the classroom as our very own Sistine Chapel. Too bad I failed to catch a photo of it. Maybe I’ll try it again with my 3rd graders! I’m sure they’re bound to yield interpretations that are a bit more.. ahem… accurate.

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this has been a crazy week at work with graduation coming up in just 1 week. my TAs and i are frantically revamping the classroom so that it’s somewhat presentable for the parents.. well, now that i think of it.. it’s mostly me that’s frantic. my TAs…not so much. i have this really bad habit of taking on too many responsibilities at once and in addition to that, i never ask anyone for help. i learned this fact about myself during the whole wedding planning process and it looks like i’ll just never learn….

anyways, in addition to all the graduation planning.. it’s father’s day weekend! i absolutely love love love the project i do with my kids for father’s day. i started it last year and i definitely see myself using this one for a long long time… well until something comes out in the market to replace our beloved ipods at least.

happy father’s day to all the lucky dads out there 🙂 🙂 🙂

wrapped hershey bar with hershey's hugs as earphones!

full class set minus 1 who missed the whole week of school 😦

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