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took a drive down to the ikea in red hook, brooklyn today. it was a lot less complicated to get there and i was pleasantly surprised to see how much bigger the place is compared to the one in long island! i fell in love immediately! sorry hicksville, it looks like BK’s got my heart.

the showrooms were hipper, the space was vaster.. and even the food was better.



umm they've got LOBSTER. seriously!?!?


something else i've never seen before at ikea. yummmm..


does the amazing view come with the curtains?


just couldn't resist...


so good! 😀


took the scenic route back home.. i love you, NYC!


the ever so stunning brooklyn bridge. oh, how i've missed you so.


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My parents have finally made THIER big move into our previous home in Bayside. My brother’s away on a missions trip to Mexico (praise God!) during the move so I went over to help out with putting his new room (the whole basement!)  together while he’s gone. I thought he’d appreciate coming home from his trip to an organized room.

Some of my findings while unpacking his things were just unnerving. Just as I am my mother’s daughter, he is DEFINITELY just another product of her OCD tendencies..  Yes, I blame my mother for both our psychoses.

his collection of 4 computer mice. 4 of which he DOES NOT USE.
8 incomplete decks of cards. why?
collection of receipts from items purchased 6 months ago, movie ticket stubs and other crazy things that really have no business being saved
these are only half the amount of pens he has in his collection

this boy needs help. so do i. so does mom.

oh boy.

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When we moved into this new house, my father in law built me my own area of shelves dedicated for my ever growing collection of footwear.

Not quite like this one…….

…..but a great one nonetheless. It’s organized, SPACEY, and gets the job done.

Moving to the city means less storage space.. which also means I need to brainstorm some inventive ways to store my beauties without adding to the clutter that I find it oh so hard to avoid.

looooove this ❤ via Crush Cul De Sac

Display with painted moudings via LivingEtc.

Display with boxes via LivingEtc.

Bookholder Display via Apartment Therapy


maybe just a simple display on some bookshelves via {this is glamorous}

decisions, decisions..

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We took on a new project last weekend to prepare for our move to the city. ( WE ARE MOVING TO THE CITY!! )

When we first bought our current home, the previous owners left behind a dresser in the garage. It was covered in spiderwebs and dust, and the hideous green paint was chipping.


We sanded it down a bit, graced with a fresh coat of paint…



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During Reader’s Workshop each day in school, my 3rd graders choose a “book nook” around the room to get comfortable during silent sustained reading time. This is just a way that I try to get kids excited for reading and develop a love for books. I’d love my own children to live a reading life and I’m always looking at cool library ideas and book displays. This is definitely one of my favs!

how awesome is that?! not only can it serve as a reading spot, it can also be a prayer nook. A quiet place where he/she can go to pray and spend time with God. Who wouldn’t love that? I definitely need one for myself..

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lazy lazy lazy

The only thing I did today that was even remotely productive is the dishes.

Didn’t make the bed…


Didn’t fold the laundry…



Definitely did not finish touching up our paint job..


Did not grade a single piece of work..


Ughhhh. I am a disgusting waste of space.

Well at least I’m not alone 🙂


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umm… how freaking cool are these diy ideas?!?!?!?! AHHHHH!

Coffee table one, Coffee table two.

headboard one, headboard two

bed one, bed two

plate rack

plank wall

plank garden

all that from just this…

i love that something so beautiful and useful can be created from such ordinary objects. all you really need is a vision, a little bit of love, and a little bit (?) of effort.

..sorry mr. KOm… it looks like we’ll be having quite the busy spring….. 🙂

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