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Mr. KOm and I made a trip to 2 of BK’s flea markets today. Loved Thr sights of all the lovely things and all the lovely people. Will definitely be making more trips on over after our big move.

Some highlights of the trip:


some cool vintage-y frames


artwork of the brooklyn bridge on some driftwood. we bought this piece to put in our apartment to remind us of how Mr. KOm proposed! love that it’s printed on a piece of wood.. the photo definitely does not do it justice.


how cute?! everyone seemed to have a bike with a little basket in BK. i want!!


thought these were pretty cool but a bit pricey.. maybe next time.


the vendor told me “no pictures, please” immediately after i took this photo. sorry dude.


love it.


the above accent table was probably one of my favorite pieces in the whole place. can’t see from the photo, but it looks somewhat like this:

LOVE!!! it was selling for about 300 beans but similar items online are sold at places like anthropologie for 600. maybe, just maybe when we get all our stuff settled in we can go back and track it down……

heehee. here’s to hoping!


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We took on a new project last weekend to prepare for our move to the city. ( WE ARE MOVING TO THE CITY!! )

When we first bought our current home, the previous owners left behind a dresser in the garage. It was covered in spiderwebs and dust, and the hideous green paint was chipping.


We sanded it down a bit, graced with a fresh coat of paint…



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umm… how freaking cool are these diy ideas?!?!?!?! AHHHHH!

Coffee table one, Coffee table two.

headboard one, headboard two

bed one, bed two

plate rack

plank wall

plank garden

all that from just this…

i love that something so beautiful and useful can be created from such ordinary objects. all you really need is a vision, a little bit of love, and a little bit (?) of effort.

..sorry mr. KOm… it looks like we’ll be having quite the busy spring….. 🙂

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